December 21, 2017

About Us

EDISIMO is the one of the major technical & IT firms in Yemen, and is the technical providers of Mobivance group, one of the leading services’ provider in the region with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

EDISIMO is managing the complete delivery and provisioning of more than 357 mobile services that generate close to 80 million SMS/Month that constitute 65% of mobile services in Yemen and 35% of mobile services in the MENA region.

Throughout the years, and to cope with the constant changes in the technology environment, EDISIMO is successfully operating 50GB/day through mobile networks operators

With our 122 servers installed mobile network operators in Yemen and 82 servers in our data centre in Sana’a to maintain a full service availability for data 2.5/2.75/3G/SMS with an uptime of 98.9% for the past 11 years.

With a dedicated development & 24/7 operational team of 43 engineer, EDISIMO is all geared up to be the uncontested technical & IT solutions services and solutions provider in the region for all sectors of the economy.