December 26, 2017

FMS (Fuel Monitoring System)

YPC Application is an Android application along with its back-end services developed to be used by the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources to manage vehicles with filling their tanks.

After the war and siege going in Yemen, oil production stops and there were difficulties in importing oil and other crucial materials which leads into a congestion in Gas stations. Some people try to refill their vehicles tank more than once a day which prevent other people who are really in need to fill their cars.

The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources thinks of an idea to stop the greed of those people who exploit people needs. They asks us (Edisimo) to build an Android application to register vehicles plate number who have filled their vehicle’s tanks with Gas, Diesel, or Kerosene and prevent them from filling it again during a period of 5 days.

System Components:

  • Android Application:

Which is used by the employee of the Ministry to register vehicles’ plate numbers distributed over 150 gas stations.

  • System Back-end

Is a back-end system to process, validate and save all transactions sent from the Android App.

System Features:

  • The system has a friendly and easy to use Android Application.

  • Multiple communication way either using Internet or SMS. YPC prefer to use SMS to be able to cover all desired areas due to the weakness of Internet coverage in Yemen.

  • Live Tracking monitoring. The data is fast transmitted to the central server using our SMS gateways and technologies.

  • Rich back-office that can control every single transaction of the system.

  • Multiple users with multiple privileges managed by the administrator.

  • Rich reports regarding all vehicles, Gas Stations, and users of the Android App.

Client List:

  • YPC