December 26, 2017


Tracking & Fleet Management System


Advanced Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Solution

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TrackPRO vehicle tracking and monitoring systems allow owners and managers to systematically reduce their operating costs with the world’s most advanced employee and fleet management system.

According to economic statistics, millions are lost annually in the sector due to low workforce productivity. TrackPRO is designed to track the daily activities of your mobile fleet vehicle, and in the process, serves as protection for your company against employee time sheet fraud and unauthorized use of your vehicles.

TrackPRO is an advanced system for vehicle satellite tracking. It combines multiple wireless communication technologies such as GSM, SMS, GPRS and Satellite for location and transmission of each operating vehicle to the control center.

Below is a simple diagram that provides an overview on the flow tracking from the mobile unit to the end point of the control center:

System Features:

  • Tracking on demand, time interval, distance interval and on Mobile phone.

  • Tracking by SMS: canget any alarm by SMS.

  • Fuel Level: Fuel sensor connected directly to the vehicles fuel’s gauge.

  • Seat Belt Notification/Alarm.

  • In-vehicle buzzer alarm.

  • TowAlarm.

  • GPS blind area.

  • GPS cut alarm.

  • Main power cut alarm.

  • Low battery alarm.

  • Driver Identification.

  • With 2 Driver keys.

  • Automated Maintenance System:-

    • Tires Changing

    • Engine Oil Changing

    • Other Vehicle’s liquids Changing

    • Brake Pads Changing

    • Main Vehicle maintenance notifications and management.

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