December 26, 2017

SMS Chat Services


SMS Chat service is the first interactive text messaging system between all GSM and CDMA Operators in Yemen.

It is a messaging service that is presently deployed in both languages Arabic and English, having a benefit to be deployed in any language;

SMS Chat proved to be a powerful tool of communication between customers that get to know each other anonymously with no barriers, showing its essence as a medium of connectivity and freedom for chatting.

SMS Chat in the market

SMS Chat was first implemented for the main GSM operators in Yemen on July 2005 as DardaCHAT where soon following its free trial period, it quickly gained its reputation as an innovative Mobile SMS chat service.

The structure of the service facilitates the creation of groups of chatters that share similar ideas, perceptions, intellect through the different chat channels that are open to any chatter, such as One-to-One Chat and One-to-Many Chat.

Each of the above channels has certain characteristics; One-to-One Chat channel gives a pair of chatters to chat in complete privacy; whereas for those who form a group, One-to-Many channel is the most adequate channel, forming a certain group of chatters, exchanging their interests.

The service has 23 commands to enable the chatter to chat with different people in the most efficient and fun way, it also grants its chatters to freely create rooms with the free choice of name allowing the creator to invite any member.

Existing and future prospects of the service :

Presently traffic from SMS CHAT is reaching astonishingly, an average level of 600,000 messages per day. Our objective is reaching a daily traffic exceeding 1,000,000 messages per day.

there are two services in SMS Chat :

1- dardaChat Service .

2-  sawa Service .

Client List:

All Operators in Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Morocco and Lebanon.