January 21, 2018


We offering send and receive SMS service (SMS GateWay ), which enables sending and receiving text messages to all mobile networks to be delivered quickly and reliably to customer Audience.

Our service can deliver a large number of SMS to customer’s audience, and our service also provides the customer with the ability to enable SMS services for any application, website or related information system, and also provides many communication options, including HTTP, SMPP, etc., and provides our services reliability and ease of use in Our software interface (API) represents the best way to connect client software or applications to our service



1- Direct and immediate contact with the customer at any time

2 – Send messages to large amounts of users at one time.

3. Easy to use.

4. Providing service statistics for the transmission process

5- Communication in two directions: the customer to his audience and from the public to the client

6. Send/receive a single SMS or group of messages

7. Effective and flexible SMS APIs. Your developers can easily integrate portal features into your systems.

How it works:

Clients’ applications or programs are linked to our service via our text messaging APIs to deliver custom messages to their customers through GSM or CDMA networks in the region.

The programs of institutions and individuals such as banks, service and commercial institutions and exchange shops are linked to our service to send messages or alerts to the customers of the institution or the bank to inform them about the services of the bank or the institution. This makes our service a great advantage.

This service is intended for:

Banks (sending and receiving text messages and notification for the bank’s services, deposit and withdrawal and other banking services via ( notification and messages )to customers of the bank quickly and easily).

Exchange shops (sending and receiving messages and notification to exchange market customers by the arrival of remittances or sending remittances or exchange currency and other banking services).

Educational institutions (sending and receiving messages and notification in the educational sectors to deliver specific messages such as activating the service or ending the clearance of the treatment of inquiries about educational services).

Business and service organizations (sending and receiving messages and notification to all the clients of the institution and presenting all its services through informing the clients of the institution about the services and activities of the institution).

also other organizations, shops and software personnel that need to send and receive text messages and notification to informing information and services about the company or institution to be reported.