December 26, 2017


An effective purposeful act of communication is the base of all successful business relationships as it is strategically made to convey or receive the intended meanings and messages. The insurance of any effective communication relies on two main vital communication aspects which are your internal staff members or your clients, thus it is highly imperative that entities keep and maintain openly direct and instant channels of communication that will maximize the level of mutual valuing, and understanding they wish to accomplish. There are many media of communication such as emails, flyers, radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers to establish good communications, however, SMS mobile communication medium strongly proves to be the one that takes the lead in achieving and reaching its most potential cost-effective intended meanings and messages since it is statically established that more than 90% of the people use mobile phones.. We, MENAVAS provide you with Wessali SMS Notification solution that will greatly serve both your internal and external communication needs assuring impressively significant guaranteeing a successful delivery of all your communication goals.

Who could benefit from Wessali:

  • Public & Private medium to large entities
  • Embassies
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Training institutions
  • Shops & Malls
  • And many more


The below provides you a brief simplified flow on how entities/clients use and benefit when they implement Wessali SMS Broadcast Solution. The process goes from the bottom to the top!


Features of MENAVAS SMS Broadcast Solution

Great Marketing Tool

SMS Broadcast Solution ” Wessali ” is the most effective communication and marketing tool available. It has been stated that more than 90% of the people own use mobile phones for texting , 97% of the texts are read and 90% of the texts are read within four minutes from their delivery. Having all of these facts literally tells any business or entity on how Wessali SMS Broadcast Solution will surely help penetrating new unexplored markets effectively for different products and solutions.

Effective and direct

People are more likely to see, read and act on messages through their mobile phones more than any other form of communication. What makes it also effective is that even the cheapest and most outdated devices can receive SMS messages. And the beauty of it is that it is simple, effective and direct since it can be sent to targeted and intended people or group of people.

Perfect for Customer Service

SMS based communication ” Wessali ” makes it perfectly convenient for customers to communicate with a business or an entity which in its turn will increase interactions with customers and boost satisfaction rates . It will also help creating better and stronger customer loyalty.

Instant and Reliable

Mobile phones are people’s closest friends with constant access to their devices at all times. Moreover, since SMS based communication is not reliant on internet connectivity, Wessali SMS Broadcast Solution guarantees messages delivery with highest delivery success rates.

Perfect for internal communication

Effective communication starts internally. The ability to communicate your ideas to your staff allows them to feel involved and motivated. It enables them to cooperate, innovate and develop new products, making your business stronger and helping it to grow. With Wessali an entity can send company announcements, memos, emergency alerts, and can greatly be used for internal recruitment.

Highly secured

Unlike any other solutions that rely on internet connectivity, Wessali is SMS based which gives it a security advantage . On top of that ,anything that goes out of the solution has to go through various layers (set by the client) to ensure its validity prior to sending.

Full History of Detailed Reports

Clients or employees data could be used for a future reference that might guide an entity’s routinely or strategically decision making . Therefore, Wessali provides full history detailed reports on any sent broadcasts, received replies , activity of accounts (internal administrators).

Scheduled Notifications for any Date or Time

Time is of great matter to any business and entity. Missing a deadline or being out of office could result in many different based on the nature of the business. Wessali comes as a solution to solve such a problem providing a tool of scheduling broadcasts for future date and time.


Communicating effectively with customers or staff will not only provide them with information, Products, Services or company goals, but can actually help find out more about them. Wessali is a two-communication solution which allows either staff or customers to conversationally engage with an entity leading to building a personal touch that generates long term loyal relationships.

Client List:

  • UNDP